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Our Brands

Pasta Natura

Pasta Natura is perfect for everybody's daily diet, especially those who are gluten intolerant/or are a coeliac, for growing children and adults who are looking to have a healthier lifestyle. An abundance of nutritional benefits is just a bonus to the delicious flavours of the Pasta Natura range.

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Casa Rinaldi

Born from a passion for the traditional balsamic vinegar, the Rinaldi family started producing their balsamic vinegar in the region of Modena. This black liquid gold is a small portion of what the brand has expanded to offer. They offer a range of exceptional Italian products such as oils, pasta, and risottos.

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Let your taste buds transport you to the magical food valley of Italy. Puro uses the best, sweetest basil in the world to produce its grande flavours. This may be a little jar, but it bursts intense Italian flavours! Puro believes that the best food is the simplest and most natural and strives to share its beautiful food heritage with its consumers.

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Bio Gustiamo is part of a family-run business with traditional Italian traits of squisito quality and immense care put into every product. They have an assortment of antipasti products which are all 100% organic.

Bio Gustiamo boasts over 220 hectares of land focused on being kind to the environment.

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Artisan Deli Co was born with one goal: To source impeccable accompaniments to cheeses, antipasti, dips, and cold meats; while still having prices suitable for all. Buono products are the heart and soul of our business and are perfect for snacking, light meals, or as a substitute for bread with a main meal.

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No matter what mixer you try, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the whimsical feeling it creates on your taste buds.

Their mission is to have a positive impact on the community by reusing abandoned land, restoring derelict buildings, and resurrecting local traditions to produce their high-quality products.

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Our Monti range has a collection of delicious products such as pesto, Italian cooking sauces, and dips- perfect for any occasion. Many of our pestos are prepared only with fresh, fragrant Italian basil and sunflower seed oil, and our sauces are made with 100% rich Italian tomato pulp.

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For three generations, Familia Suarez has been committed to producing flavourful, quality products using unique and aromatic purple garlic. Purple garlic is from Las Pedroneras, the garlic capital, which claims to be the most aromatic and delizioso flavoured garlic worldwide.

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Luciana Mosconi spent her time perfecting the art of pasta making. She opened her own shop in the 1980s and quickly became recognised for her out-of-this-world fresh pasta.

The Luciana Mosconi factory still uses the same recipe and method as Luciana used as a child.

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Committed to crafting a selection of wines in bespoke hillside estates in Molise, central Italy, Campi Valerio is a flourishing cult winery producing wines whose characteristics represent their terroir and promote the indigenous grape varieties of the region.

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A pasta factory that recalls tradition, with a totally artisanal production, making Marella pasta a truly special product of the highest quality. All the colours are derived from natural food, like beetroot, chilli's, tomatoes, spinach, nettle etc. with no colourings or preservatives.

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Experience the refined taste of Bombeer, a
low fermentation pure malt beer created with the finest varieties of barley,
hops, and yeast. Boasting a light golden colour with invigorating reflections,
Bombeer's elegant yet decisive flavour is brought to you with Italian flair.

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The Primiceri family are from Casarano and have been oil makers for two generations. Their passion for quality oil began with father Marco who bought his first oil mill in a small historic centre of a neighbouring town.

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Augusta Panettoni is from Saronno Italy (near Milano) and is owned by the Lazzaroni Family. The careful selection of premium ingredients, adherence to traditional production methods, and a commitment to allowing each phase of production the necessary time all contribute to the assurance of product quality.

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