About Real Italiano

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Italy’s varied regions are home to some of the world’s best food, and most exciting ingredients.  

With a diet that’s so varied, exciting, and packed full of flavour, we were surprised that authentic, hand-made Italian products in UK supermarkets aren’t more common. 

So we set out with a mission: To deliver unique Italian food to the doorsteps of the UK, at a price everyone can afford. No more compromises, microwave meals and poor imitations. Our products are as real as it gets: food and ingredients hand-made and crafted by family-owned Italian businesses.  

Being more Real Italiano means you can be more Italian. Invite more real and authentic Italian products in your kitchen, better nutrition into your body, and happiness into your heart. 

In pursuit of Italian greatness  

Italians are a passionate people, and great food makes up so much of that. Real Italiano is all about delivering that passion directly into your kitchen.  

Whether it’s an intense pesto or delicate gluten-free pasta, we’re passionate about more and more people benefiting from a healthy, Italian-inspired diet, made up of pure, natural ingredients. Everyone should enjoy foods that are good for you, taste incredible, and come from real Italian producers in Italy.  

Championing gluten-free and allergen-free products 

While our products have wide and varied histories, our approach is as modern as it gets. With organic, plant-based, and gluten-free diets on the rise, we’re making sure nobody is left out when it comes to the great taste, textures, and health benefits of real Italian food.  

We’re home to a huge range of allergen-free products. Our producers source nutritious gluten-free grains and cereals from carefully controlled crops, and with both farmers and producers having outstanding commitment to quality, it means the end product is delicious and allergen-free.  

Organic food that doesn’t cost the earth

We stock and deliver healthy alternatives to super-processed foods. It’s the Italian way.  

We take great care of what goes into our products, and what doesn’t. Our products are crammed full of nutrients, and you won’t find any artificial preservatives or additives anywhere. We want to get everyone eating better food, but at a price they can afford, too. 

That’s why our products are largely organic, which means care is put into how products are grown and sourced, and the food you enjoy is better for the planet and better for you. 

Delivering Italy to your door 

With our delivery options, baskets, hampers, and gift sets, you can take a tasting tour of Italy right from the comfort of your own kitchen.