Familia Suarez

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    Unique, pungent purple garlic is the base of their delicious sauce and aioli range.

    For three generations, Familia Suarez has been committed to producing flavourful, quality products using unique and aromatic purple garlic. Purple garlic is from Las Pedroneras, the garlic capital, which claims to be the most aromatic and delizioso flavoured garlic worldwide. Purple garlic has an extensive list of benefits; This goes hand in hand with the traditional Spanish saying: let what you eat be your medicine. Garlic is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet with its health benefits and mouth-watering flavour. Our intense aioli and tasty sauces are a true reflection of the vibrant flavours of La Mancha.

    2 products
    Familia Suarez Chimichurri Sauce (320g)
    Familia Suarez Diced Garlic (150g)
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