Quick Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Servings: 2

Time: 10min

Diet: GF

Quick Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

A classic cocktail

The common Bloody Mary cocktail is likely to be on most drink menus and they are a particularly popular choice with brunch. Consisting mostly of tomato juice, it can feel like a drink and a meal in one. The spicy and smoky flavours of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce compliment the tomato juice, which is balanced with tangy lemon.

Niasca Portofino Pomodoro

In this recipe, we have used the Niasca Portofino Pomodoro tomato juice, available from Real Italiano. It is produced from 100% Italian tomatoes, giving the juice its naturally dense and silky feel with a perfect balance of flavour and acidity, making it ideal for a Bloody Mary cocktail or it can be enjoyed on its own.

Niasca Portofino Pomodoro

Different variations 

Traditionally, a Bloody Mary is served with a celery stick and an olive or two, but recipes have evolved over the years to include wedges of lemon or lime, gherkins, a sprinkling of salt around the rim of the glass, and even shrimp or bacon, so feel free to play around with garnishes to make your own masterpiece!

Bloodless Mary cocktail

A virgin version of a Bloody Mary will still offer its signature smoky-tomato flavour. Simply remove the vodka shot from the ingredients and enjoy as a refreshing juice.


250ml Niasca Portofino Pomodoro

Jug of ice

2 celery sticks

1 shot vodka


Celery salt

A few drops Tabasco

A few drops Worcestershire sauce

Squeeze of lemon juice

2 wedges lemon or lime

2 streaky bacon rashers

4-6 green or black olives

2 cocktail sticks

Cooking method

1. Fill a large jug with ice. Pour the vodka, pomodoro and lemon juice over the ice and stir well.

2. Add a few drops of Worcestershire and Tabasco (or more to add spice and heat), followed by the salt and pepper. Stir to combine.

3. Divide the drink between 2 highball glasses and top up with fresh ice. Place a stick of celery in each glass and a lemon or lime wedge on the rim of the glasses. Place 2 or 3 olives on each cocktail stick and rest one across the tops of the glasses. Enjoy!

Quick tip: why not try different presentation styles and opt for mason jars or wide tumblers instead of highballs? 

Our Real Italiano chef puts this Bloody Mary cocktail recipe together in the video below. Have a look for some inspiration or help following the recipe.

If you’ve opted for different garnishes to the ones in this recipe, we’d love to see your Bloody Mary cocktail creation!